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Make Some Wonderful Blog

This blog, Make Some Wonderful focuses on improving marriage relationships. No matter how far away you feel from Wonderful in your marriage, this blog can help you get it back.

Life is simply better when marriage is good, when the connection is “on.” No matter the hurt or disappointment you have experienced, you are closer than you think to Wonderful in your marriage. Even if you doubt it today, you and your spouse have what it takes. I’m in this with you. Let’s go Make Some Wonderful.

Sometimes a book or a blog post isn’t enough. Not even close.

Those times call for more connection and face to face interaction. Talking with a professional counselor is a great way to get deeper and explore how you can make some wonderful in your life again.

If you live in the Boise Valley I would love to help more.

I provide counseling services in Meridian, Idaho and telehealth. To schedule a counseling appointment please call: 

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