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5 things I’ve learned from 5 months of blogging

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

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Adventure is scary but invigorating. At first writing a blog felt like getting a Big Gulp, exciting when I thought about it and overwhelming once I actually started to suck it down. Taking a risk and trying something new, was scary, I expected fear, and I experienced some at first. Now, five months in, the overwhelming feeling has subsided some and the rush of invigorating adventure has increased. I’m still not sure where writing a blog will lead but I’m loving it.

Technology takes work. I enjoy following bloggers who blog about blogging. Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, and Jonathan Milligan are all very impressive and uber successful. I’m grateful for their direction and inspiration but they make it seem impossibly easy to start a blog. Some even promote how to start a blog in 20 minutes. Although I suppose it’s technically possible, my reality included many hours of learning the complexities of technology in order to make my blog work. I’m still fairly limited in my understanding of the “behind the scenes” technology of blogging and I’m thankful for my wife Hollie and my site host Zac Vineyard for their expertise and patience.

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Writing is harder than thinking. I love helping people improve their marriage and I have a lot of ideas on how to help. Getting the ideas to make sense in writing for a blog has been a challenge. Often the ideas sound much better in my head than on the screen, eloquence in my head has a way of turning awkward when written. The process of writing and rewriting, rethinking and rewriting is not nearly as smooth as I envisioned.

Focus is important but distractions are ok. Sometimes, I get distracted when I should be more focused and efficient. I get lost in facebook, silly on twitter, and check my Google Analytics too much. I read blogs by other counselors, professional bloggers, or pastors and get intimidated, discouraged, or just plain distracted. To refocus I think about my goals for writing a blog in the first place. I remind myself that I want to help people make some wonderful in their marriage and practice my writing to pursue my wish to write a book. Then I stop, shrug off the self imposed pressures, look around a bit, notice how I feel in the moment, and embrace the distractions as a part of the adventure. I have learned distractions are dangerous but only the ones that would make me quit are fatal.

Community matters. The privilege of journeying with others never gets old. We are all built for community; the company we keep matters deeply. I have been surprised to find camaraderie with groups of bloggers trying to communicate their passion with others. I am also truly blessed by you, my readers, who have become a community of supporters. I love knowing my words have impacted you in some way. Together we can make some wonderful in this world one improved marriage at a time.

What have you learned from my blog in the last 5 months? I would love to know what you have found most relevant to you.

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