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6 Affirmations Every Guy Wants to Hear from Their Wife

Updated: Feb 18, 2021


Ladies your words are powerful. And your guy is listening for your words. Sure, it may seem like he’s not listening to you but I guarantee he will hear your affirmations. Affirmations are simply saying positive things you know to be true. It’s much different than casual compliments, inflating his ego, or pandering. Sharing what you love about him is critical to a wonderful marriage.

Your work matters

Tell him you notice how hard he works. It’s meaningful for guys to know their work matters. Even if he doesn’t particularly like his job he will feel respected when you acknowledge that what he spends his day doing really matters. Say something like “You do good work, thanks for working so hard for me.”

You have what it takes

In his book Wild at Heart, John Eldredge explains every man needs to hear he has what it takes. It’s THE question all men are trying to answer. John expertly points out women cannot be the sole person to answer the question because the answer must ultimately come from God. We must hear God saying it to us. That being said, it’s nice to get a reminder from the person closest to us.

Making love with you is awesome

Sex is important in marriage. To really make his day, tell him you enjoy the connection of sexual intimacy with him.

You are fun to be around

Remind your guy you enjoy doing activities together. Find adventure with your husband and let him know you enjoy having fun. Simply say “you are fun” or “it’s great to hang out with you.”

I respect your point of view

You don’t have to agree with everything he says (and you probably shouldn’t) but being able to respect where he’s coming from will light his fire and motivate him to listen to your point of view.

You are strong

Sure he loves hearing how strong he is physically. Even if he sometimes lacks confidence and says he should workout more, he still gets a bit of a thrill from opening the jar of pickles when you can’t. Let him know you notice his strength in other areas; perhaps how he handles opposition at work, or how he stands up for what’s right even when it’s difficult.

Husbands who know how they are loved are better husbands. They are more able to respond to you in loving ways and are motivated to connect. Saying what you love about them is good, showing them you mean it is awesome, doing both will make some wonderful in your marriage.

Ladies, What does you husband love to hear from you?

Guys, What do you love to hear from your wife?

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