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A Hot Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

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As a marriage blogger I’m always on the lookout for interesting and inspiring articles to share. Turns out I’m not the only one with awesome marriage articles and often I get great ideas for my own blog. I’m also learning the power of great titles. A great headline gives an idea of what the article is about while providing enough intrigue to want to read it.

I recently came across an article from Huffington Post with the headline: 11 Things That Instantly Make A Man Hot.

I thought “wow, 11 things?” Clearly it was not written by a man. Seems like a guy would have stopped at 5 or 6 things that make him hot.

Then I thought “I bet I can guess what the article is about.”

Hot can mean a lot of different things. Angry for instance. 11 things that instantly make a man angry, 1. Running out of bacon 2. Stepping on a Lego. What a depressing article. No, it wouldn’t be about anger.

Hot can mean sexy. But it couldn’t be about that, no way there are 11 things that make a man sexy especially instantly sexy.

It must be about being hot. That’s easy, I can write about being hot. I’ve been hot.

  1. One summer our air conditioner broke. I know, first world problem, but it made me hot.

  2. Running makes me hot. Even when It’s cold outside running brings on the sweat.

  3. When my wife turns up the heater full blast. When my wife is cold, the heater goes only on high. Sure it feels good at first but I get hot WAY before she begins to get warm.

  4. Sitting in a sauna. I’ve only been in a sauna a few times but I remember being hot.

  5. I installed a metal roof in the middle of summer. That made me hot.

See, I can’t even get close to eleven.

Anyway, I clicked on the article. I was right it is written by a woman but I was wrong about the content. She shared her thoughts about what makes a man attractive including: a sense of humor, intellect, and integrity. Guess it proves you can’t judge an article by its title.

The internet is full of amazing, funny, and ridiculous articles about marriage, how to be romantic, what is sexy, how to be happy, relationship hacks etc. (my blog included). The articles may be great but they are only words on the screen until you use them. The important part is how you use the information to better your marriage.

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of romantic connection. To have a wonderful Valentine’s Day stop looking to the internet for the answers and communicate face to face with your spouse. Ask THEM what is hot. Have fun. Be silly. Smile. Kiss. Describe your love with words then listen. Don’t forget to listen. Listening is romantic. The moments you spend sharing sweet loving affirmations will make this Valentine’s Day truly wonderful. For an extra hot Valentine’s Day get in your car and turn up the heater full blast, works every time.

Have you ever inaccurately judged an article by its title? What did you learn?

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