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Adventure Together

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Image credit: maridav / 123RF Stock Photo

When we were newly married we drove a Honda Prelude. It’s a sporty, two-door, pre-kids, newlywed type car. Driving back to Idaho after celebrating Christmas with family, the Prelude was overstuffed to put it mildly. We headed out for the 200 mile drive over the Blue Mountains of Oregon. The weather was especially snowy that evening and snow chains were required. After approximately forever following semi-trucks going 30 miles per hour, we were able to pull over to take the chains off. Exhausted from the prolonged trip, we were excited we could finally drive faster the rest of the way home.

Then I saw the flat tire.

By the looks of the tire it had been flat for many miles gone unnoticed due to the chains and bad weather. Changing the tire was the easy part. Digging out the spare donut tire from under meticulously crammed trunk was a disaster. Yet somehow the situation struck us as humorous and we laughed together as we crept home on the donut tire. Now, over ten years later, we still chuckle remembering that unexpected adventure. A deeper connection was formed through the shared experience of overcoming and surviving an otherwise rotten situation.

Shared activities rock marriages, in a good way. Some of the best experiences in marriages are just that, experiences. Adventures enliven positive emotions and deeper connections. When your marriage gets tense or tired turn up the fun. Find an activity and laugh together, it will increase the wow in your marriage, guaranteed. The activities don’t have to be Disney World big or flat tire inspired. Many times, simple things, like meeting for a lunchtime run around the neighborhood are incredible times together.

What shared adventures have rocked your marriage?

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