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Ah-ha Moments

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

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Thanks to you, the launch day for The Best Holidays Ever! eBook was a success. It has been a joy to share my passion for helping couples connect better this season. I feel privileged to hear of its impact from readers by email, Twitter interactions, Facebook posts, personal conversations, and reviews on the Amazon sales page. I’m honored to hear how The Best Holidays Ever! has helped people view their relationships differently.

“There were many times, while reading this book, that I found myself pondering the past holidays and having an “Ah-ha” moment. I had never really considered how families and traditions blend together (or how they don’t) between married couples.” -Teri

I love this review. “Ah-ha” moments are treasures adding opportunity for increased connection in marriage. To see the other reviews of The Best Holidays Ever! and to get your own copy, Click here.

Don’t miss out on your own “Ah-ha” moments. It’s not too late to have the best holidays ever in your marriage.

The initial launch day is over but you can still participate by adding your thoughts and “Ah-ha” moments in a review. If you haven’t already, get a copy today. It’s easy to download onto your Kindle or any computer by using the Kindle app.

Copyright:  / 123RF Stock Photo

You may recall I offered a $30 Amazon gift card to those who wrote a review on launch day. [drum roll please] and the winner is …..Angela Moore. Congratulations!

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