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Feel in Love With Your Spouse Again in Only 5 Minutes

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

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It may come as a shock to you but you’re allowed to feel in love even when you’re married. Yes, of course, love is more than a feeling. You’ve got to be committed for a marriage to last through hard times. But never feeling in love is plain miserable. You CAN feel in love OFTEN in your marriage; it’s not too much to expect!

The grind of everyday life messes with loving feelings. You may feel bored, stressed, tired, angry, disinterested, or irritable. No matter why you’re no longer feeling the love you can rocket your connection in only 5 minutes. It’ll be the best 5 minutes of your day guaranteed.

Give your spouse your full attention by putting your phone down and making eye contact.

Don’t stare, that’s weird. Just look at them so they know you’re paying attention.

Give your spouse a genuine heartfelt compliment.

Don’t flake out and awkwardly say “um, I like your hair today.” Make it good.

Give your spouse a smile.

Not a creepy or cheesy smile, a real smile. If you have trouble finding a real smile, it’s been too long. Get to it.

If you’ve fought recently, Give your spouse a sincere apology.

Say “I’m sorry” and then shut up. The more you say the more likely you’ll ruin your apology with blaming or making excuses.

Give your spouse a kiss and say “I love you.”

This is not make out time, you’re trying to impress her with your ability to emotionally connect, not your ability to swap chapstick.  

Give your spouse a warm, 30 second hug.

Don’t try any funny stuff during the hug, simply enjoy being close.

In case you didn’t notice, feeling in love again is all about giving. And it doesn’t take long. Giving is how you built love in the first place and it’s the ticket to rocket your love today. 

Go give and get close!

What helps you feel in love with your spouse?

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