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How to Know if You Need Counseling

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

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Do you need counseling?

That’s like asking a barber if you need a haircut. Of course I believe you need counseling, we all need a little counseling. The right counseling at the right time will make a tremendous impact on your life.

Getting counseling is like seeing your medical doctor. When you are injured physically, it’s important to see a doctor. They are the expert you need to aid in your healing. When you are injured emotionally, it’s important to see a counselor. They are the expert you need in times of crisis. Healing from an injury is profoundly meaningful. The stories of Jesus healing people are awesome because we all have injuries that need a healing touch.

You don’t have to be deeply damaged to benefit from counseling; doctors and counselors also help to prevent injuries. It makes sense to see your medical doctor on a regular basis to prevent medical problems. Likewise, it can be helpful to see a counselor to prevent problems from getting worse or to prepare for inevitable life transitions.

Deciding to get counseling is up to you, no one else can choose it for you. It takes a personal willingness to invest in your health to bring positive change.

You may be interested in the benefits of counseling but the timing doesn’t seem to work. Timing is everything right? How do you know the best time to go to counseling?

Some counselors imply now is always the perfect time to go to counseling. It’s simply not true.

Is now the best time for you to get counseling? I don’t think so. It never is. Stop wondering if it’s the best time. If you want counseling, do it. Find a counselor and get moving.

We all get support from those around us to some extent. Often that support is exactly what we need, other times it’s lacking. When you need an expert to help you address challenges you are facing, it’s a good time to find a counselor.

I want every married couple to thrive and experience deep connection. Counseling is great, but sometimes even quick reminders, relationship tips, or messages of encouragement can make a big difference. I hope to use this blog to share ways you can Make Some Wonderful in your marriage by providing solid guidance for great connection.

What do you need in order to improve the connection in your marriage?

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