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Invest Like a Shark

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

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I enjoy watching the TV show Shark Tank. It’s a business based “reality show” on ABC that gives an opportunity for people to pitch their business ideas to a panel of business tycoons who are referred to as sharks.

First the show highlights the amazing accomplishments of the sharks who have made millions and even billions of dollars. Then come the regular people with an idea who are willing to risk their hopes and dreams to the sharks.

The name Shark Tank would suggest brutality comes next like Jaws devouring the poor little entrepreneurs. Rather, I find the show encouraging. Sure, the sharks pick apart the business ideas of the contestants but they generally don’t destroy them. The sharks leave humiliation to Simon Cowell. Even the entrepreneurs who do not leave with a partnership agreement with a shark, get potentially life altering business advice.

The allure of the show for me is watching ultra successful people willing to invest in everyday people. The sharks are often willing to journey along with them, show them they have what it takes, and help them get to the next level of success. The biggest thrill, at least for me, is seeing people find the direction and hope they so desperately need.

Shark Tank is certainly an entertaining way to find a business investor but finding a marriage investor is a bit different. Monetary investment is good for business deals but the investment of time, wisdom, expert direction, and encouragement is the kind of investing that’s especially helpful in marriage. If you are interested in moving to the next level of success in your marriage, get an investor who has demonstrated success.

Invest Like a Shark, 3 ways to move your marriage to the next level.

1. Connect to a community. The people you hang out with matter. Since the goal is for your marriage to thrive, you’ve got to find a community that has thriving marriages. Negative and critical people can erode away happiness in your marriage. Going alone isn’t much better, it’s hard to grow alone. Hollie and I have found our community at our local church. Valuable communities are everywhere, sports leagues, book clubs, work colleagues, or other community groups. Get connected today.

2. Develop relationships with investors. Find people in your community who have a relationship you admire, couples who are ultra successful. Get close to them and build relationships with them so they can invest in your marriage. You may be able to spot the successful couples in your community but unless you get a TV show, building relationships is the only way they will end up investing in you. Like the entrepreneurs in Shark Tank, learn from your marriage investors. Learn what mistakes they made so you can make fewer mistakes in your marriage. Learn what has worked for their relationship so you can build upon their successes.

3. Develop relationships to invest in yourself. It’s not enough to always be the beginner. Investing in others is where the action is. The saying goes something like “you learn the most when you have to teach it.” The world is full of young people trying to succeed at marriage who are struggling. Use your experience and invest in them, it will make all the difference. The more you invest in others, the more your own marriage relationship will grow.

Shark Tank is a familiar story that resonates with us all because it’s our story. We have all had times when we have been in desperate need of direction. The magic of the Shark Tank show is the hope that someone will invest in us too. We all long to be affirmed, encouraged, and developed.

What is your marriage investment story? I would love to hear it.

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