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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Image credit: ljupco / 123RF Stock Photo

Valentine’s Day cards idealize kisses. Poets daydream about kisses and kisses make kids giggle. Experienced couples know kisses come in all types.

 Long kisses. Quick kisses, goodbye kisses and hello! kisses.

 Kisses in the morning, kisses in the evening.

 Slow romantic kisses under the stars.

 Affectionate kisses, first kisses, and wedding day kisses.

 Sweet little kisses and morning breath sour kisses.

A quick kiss before rushing to work is good. Spending time kissing is entirely better. Sometimes life gets busy and it’s easy to live together without ever being close. Kissing requires you to be close on purpose. Informing your spouse you love them doesn’t always require words; a kiss can do the trick no matter what type you choose.

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