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Sustained Happiness

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

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I recently read a news story from the Today Show saying faith provides sustained happiness. Read it here.

It’s not really a surprise to me. As a Christian I know my happiness comes from my relationship with Jesus. I’m able to experience true joy because I’m deeply loved. You are too. Hard times persist in life but love remains undefeated.

Nowadays, it may seem a bit strange to hear religious people are happier. Christians have a bad habit of becoming defensive and sounding grouchy and unloving. Too many Christians flip out about red cups and rainbows. I’m all for engaging difficult cultural and theological conversations but I grieve when Christians fail to communicate the joy that comes from knowing Jesus.

Religion is one of the top five sources of conflict in marriage. Disagreement about religion causes deep division about core values. Christmas is the perfect time to discuss your differences and how to increase spiritual connection in your marriage.

Discuss why you celebrate Christmas.

Talk to your spouse about your Christmas traditions and how a relationship with Jesus is more than rigid religiosity or religious ceremonies. Consider the meaning and practical implications of your faith rather than performance or ritual.

Take Action: Discuss how faith impacts your relationship.

Participate in traditional rituals.

It may sound like the opposite of the first point but there is wonder and community developed in shared experiences. Don’t forfeit the connection you’ll experience in your marriage by doing religious activities together. Christmas Eve candlelight service is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season.

Take Action: Discuss what religious services you want to participate in this year and commit to them.

Learn More.

For more tips on how to reduce conflict about religion in your marriage and turn it into a point of connection, get my eBook The Best Holidays Ever! You’ll learn the three reasons couples experience conflict in this area and how to increase your spiritual unity.

Take Action: get the eBook here.

Who couldn’t use a bit more happiness in marriage? Together you can experience true sustained happiness no matter what life brings.

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