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The Light Has Come

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

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The church is dark and still. One small candle is lit. From the front of the church the light spreads from one person to their neighbor as the candles receive the light. Slowly the light spreads like clouds parting to reveal the stars beyond. The flickering light changes the room from darkness to the warm glow of wonder and awe. I assist my son to light his candle. He is excited to hold fire, reverence and excitement mix as he watches his flame. Nearby, I see the faces of my family lit softly. The church is now full with the multiplied light illuminating the community. I see the people in the room but I imagine the community of Christians worldwide celebrating in this moment. I also imagine those who have gone before, who have left their legacy of light, the legacy of Christ in them.

The world is dark and anything but still. When evil and darkness seem especially cruel, I remember; The Light has come into the world and the darkness will not overcome it.

That is worth celebrating on Christmas and every day.

This Christmas Eve I will celebrate the birth of Jesus with my family and experience the wonder and light of the season. The candlelight service on Christmas Eve is a spiritual experience and tradition that warms and strengthens my soul. Spiritual experiences are individually powerful but they also greatly impact relationships. When we connect with our savior, celebrate His coming, and His continued presence in our lives our connection in marriage deepens.

What are your favorite spiritually significant experiences at Christmas time?

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