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The Gift of Connection

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

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Party! The holidays are here. This week is Thanksgiving, it is the official start to the holiday season. The magical time we call “the holidays” between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day can be overwhelming. The stress, busyness, tension, and conflict of the season can take a toll on marriage all at a time when we desire to feel extra relaxed, joyful and connected. Even good relationships experience stress and conflict during the holidays. One of the stress points in my marriage is when we pack the car to travel. Getting out of town to visit family always brings stressful moments. After packing the car just right so all of the gifts, luggage, and kids fit, I’m stressed and grumpy. Not exactly how I want to feel during the holidays when visiting family.In my work as a marriage counselor I see couples in conflict. They are normal people experiencing normal conflict points including:

  1. in-laws

  2. money

  3. religion

  4. parenting

  5. sex

At times couples are so busy the counseling session is the only time they are able to spend together all week. The busyness of life makes connecting more difficult and normal conflicts increase.

This year you can move from conflict to connection even during the stressful holiday season.

Subscribe to my email list to receive your Holiday Survival Guide for your marriage available FREE or purchase my ebook Your Guide to The Best Holidays Ever: How to move from conflict to connection in your marriage this holiday season.

In The Best Holidays Ever you will receive detailed step-by-step ways to reduce conflict and build real connection with your spouse. Making deeper connection with your spouse will be your favorite and most cherished gift this holiday season.

Give the gift of connection to your spouse this Christmas.

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