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The Secret to Delighting Your Spouse This Christmas. A Life Lesson From My Grammy

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

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The Secret to Delighting Your Spouse This Christmas. A life Lesson From My Grammy

One of my holiday bucket list items is to delight my spouse. When I imagine the perfect Christmas I see our family snuggling next to the fire. I look toward my wife and I see her contented smile. Delighting my wife is a wonderful gift; nothing is better.

Delighting your spouse may seem like the most complicated algorithm possible. I’ve certainly not perfected it. Check out my post about my marriage mistakes. (LINK mistakes)

My Grammy taught me the secret to delighting my spouse. She’d be surprised but thrilled I learned it from her.

She passed away on Thanksgiving Day 2014. I miss her hugs the most. Read about Holiday Grief.

You see Grammy lived the secret; it’s simply who she was.

Grammy was especially easy to delight.

Every birthday or Christmas she was delighted by whatever gift she received.

I’ll never forget her genuine squeals of delight and feet stomping followed by “oh you shouldn’t have.”

I always loved giving my Grammy a gift. The true gift was watching her delight and knowing she delighted in me.

The same can happen in your marriage.

The secret to delighting your spouse is to be easily delighted yourself.

Because your spouse loves you and wants you to be happy, seeing you happy is the best gift.

This Christmas season, be like my Grammy. Simply delight in the moment.

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