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You Are Closer Than You Think

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Image credit: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo

You are closer than you think.

When you look for problems in marriage you will surely find them. Likewise, when you look for strengths you will find them. I often tell couples in marriage counseling that they are closer than they think to better connection. Conflict makes you feel alone even when you are together. When you are saturated in conflict it’s easy to think you’re doomed.

Fear says it’s too late when it’s not even close. Doubt suggests problems where there are none.

You have felt wonderful in your marriage before. You may not know where it went or where you went wrong, but you are closer than you think to the connection you want. It doesn’t take much to turn things around. Like my father-in-law says, “it doesn’t take long for good things to happen.”

Changing your perspective will help you communicate differently, show love differently, and feel differently about your marriage.

When you can see how close you really are, going the distance doesn’t seem so impossible.

A few years ago I ran a half marathon. When I was toward the middle of the 13.1 miles it felt like I was light years from the finish. My legs felt heavy and it was hard to keep going. When I could finally see the finish line I had more energy somehow and I even picked up the pace a bit. Knowing where you are makes all the difference in your perspective. You are closer than you think; the goal of restored connection is in sight if you simply look for it.

What are you looking for in your marriage?

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